Publications 2012

Humanity and Difference in the Global Age

Table of Contents

Humanity and difference in the global age
Candido Mendes

Occidentalism and Post-Occidentalism
Globalization, cultural translation and the construction of multicentric modernities
Wang Ning

The role of BRICS countries in the becoming world order: “humanity,” colonial/imperial differences, and the racial distribution of capital and knowledge
Walter D. Mignolo

Technology and World Civilization
The question concerning technology today
Gianni Vattimo

The Freudian robot: rethinking the human and the machine
Lydia H. Liu

A contemporary significance on Chinese traditional mode of thinking
He Xirong

Reinventions and Interactions
Humanism at the sight of contemporaneity
Candido Mendes

Politics after indignation
Daniel Innerarity

Spaces of Difference (Part I)
La “clôture” européenne
François L’Yvonnet

Contemporary creativity and the redesign of relations between author and work: the exhaustion of the creative burst
Maria Isabel Mendes de Almeida

Spaces of Difference (Part II)
Seeing Global
Susan Buck-Morss

Humanisme créole en Afrique
Mario Lucio Sousa

Mapping the Global Age (Part I)
Brazil, China, and the emergence of the South
Renato Janine Ribeiro

Sciences et technologies: des représentations modernes aux images postmodernes
Gilbert Hottois

Mariátegui and the Andean revolutionarism
Javier Sanjinés C

Mapping the Global Age (Part II)
Lessons from Mount Lu: China and cross-cultural understanding
Zhang Longxi

“Small” countries and “large” countries: the case of Uruguay in Mercosur and Unasur
Gerardo Caetano

Virtue in human practice: a comparative perspective
Yang Guorong